kSOAP Downloads

Please note: The file extensions have been changed from .jar to .zip in order to avoid download problems with some versions of Netscape. You can either rename them to .jar or include the .zip files in your CLASSPATH directly.

Attention: kXML 1.20 is required for compiling kSOAP (the min version is sufficient).

Fix for arrays with forward references

Mike Jones has modified the SoapParser implementation so that it can take arrays in the form that .Net creates them: arrays using references to items.

Until the fix is merged with the current version of kSOAP, you may download the modified parser class here: SoapParser.java

Current Version: 1.2

File Description
ksoap-midp.zip Complete kSOAP MIDP JAR file (preverified, including kxml-min.zip)
ksoap-j2se.zip JAR file for J2SE (e.g. for building SOAP based applets)
2002-07-25: Now including optional isodate and base64 support classes
ksoap-servlet.zip JAR file for building kSOAP based servlets
ksoap-source.zip Download link to the source code of kSOAP
ksoap-doc.zip Download link to the kSOAP Javadoc API documentation

kSOAP Samples

File Description
StockQuoteDemo.java The source code of the StockQuoteDemo MIDlet. Install this file in the src directory of a new J2MEWTK project, and install ksoap-midp in the lib directory
AirportWeather.java Airport Weather service MIDlet provided by Kyle Gabhart. An introduction to kSOAP based on this MIDlet will be published in the February edition of the Web Services Journal.
CashConv.java A currecy converter example, provided by Renaud Tognelli

Optional Extension

File Description
ExtendedClassMap(SE).java This class is deprecated, but still available from CVS. Please consider transition to the new Marshal mechanism (see below)
MarshalBase64.java A Marshal implementation that is able to handle base 64 encoded byte arrays. It relies onorg.kobjects.base64.Base64, available from kobjects.org. Please that the classes belong to different packages.
MarshalDate.java A Marshal implementation that is able to handle dates. It relies onorg.kobjects.isodate.IsoDate, available from kobjects.org. Please note that the classes belong to different packages.
MarshalHashtable.java A Marshal implementation that is able to handle hashtables.

Extensions available for J2SE only

File Description
HttpTransportSE.java HTTP transport implementation for the Java 2 Standard Edition, not depending on the J2ME Generic Connection Framework (Useful for building SOAP enabled Applets, provided by Jason Woods)
MarshalFloat.java A Marshal implementation that is able to handle floats, doubles and decimals. Available for J2SE only since CLDC does not support floating point numbers.

You can also get the very latest kSOAP source code from CVS here.

Old Versions