Version 1.1

1. Definitions
This license is a union of the following two parts that should be found as text files in the
same place (directory), in the order of preeminence:

[1] This file itself, named EPL.html

[2] The contents of the file opl.html, stating the general licensing policy of the

2. Precedence of the license parts
In case of conflicting dispositions in the parts of this license, the terms of the lower-
numbered part will always be superseded by the terms of the higher numbered part.

3. Lutris Technologies, Inc. is License Author
For the purposes of this License the "License Author" defined in section 1.13 of
OPL.html shall be Lutris Technologies, Inc., 1200 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA.
95060. (http://www.lutris.com)

4. Section 11 of the OPL.html:

5. Exhibit A

6. Exhibit B

7. Trademarks
You shall not remove or alter any Lutris or Enhydra trademark or trade name placed in
the Original Code by Lutris. All copies of the Covered Code distributed by You shall
include any such Lutris and Enhydra trademarks and trade names, as well as all required
notices provided for in Sections 3.5 and 3.6. Except for the foregoing obligation, You are
granted no rights to reproduce or display any Lutris or Enhydra trademarks or trade

8. Section 1.10 of OPL
The following shall be added to section 1.10: "Original Code" shall include, but is not
limited to, all the files in the Java packages in coveredCode.html.

9. Section 3.2 of OPL 1.0
As used in section 3.2 of the OPL "Contact Means" shall mean the email address